16 février 2016

Didier Ben Loulou à l'atelier Fresson
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08 janvier 2016

Israel 80's (1981-1985)

Israel 80’s Sometimes we do things without understanding what drives us to do them. The Childhood of Art. We move forward, we search, we get lost. I had left behind my studies and Paris. I knew neither Hebrew nor this country. I was just a kid from the city who loved books and art, and who had to pick oranges and work in hotels to survive. I was 21. There were meetings; there was light. I lived on a kibbutz then in Tel Aviv. I photographed wherever I hanged about, on buses, in bus stations, in towns and on the roads:... [Lire la suite]
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05 janvier 2016

Workshop in Civita Castellana, Summer Art school & Residency in Italy

    http://jssincivita.com/didier-ben-loulou/  The sense of place, building a singular vision. August 8th – 22nd, 2015 Photography allows us to enter a space where reality and history intertwine. How do we capture places haunted all at once by the living, the present and the urban, and by a heritage, myths, religions and a landscape? How can we break away for a moment from literary, pictorial, architectural, cinematographic and historical sources, to seek out what is within ourselves and allow our personal views to... [Lire la suite]
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18 décembre 2015

Ces derniers temps, le besoin d’une image plus apaisée, s’avère nécessaire.
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08 octobre 2015

Judaïsme et Altérité autour de Catherine Chalier (image Jérusalem)

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24 septembre 2015

Le Sud: Marseille, Tanger, Palerme, Athènes, etc.

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10 septembre 2015

Shmuel T. Meyer

A l’intérieur, il y a la forme originelle du mot et son intelligence. La couleur aussi. Et le doigt mouillé de nos questions. Du papier, aussi. Habité de sentinelles. Ce que l’Homme raconte et ce que l’Homme tait La paille blessante et courte De notre éternité. 
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29 juillet 2015

The Tribe, Arles 2015

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29 juillet 2015

The Tribe, Arles 2015

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05 juillet 2015

Essais de couvertures pour le prochain livre Israel 80’s (1981-85).

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